The Premiere of “The Unfelt Wonder”

At the FURY Factory.

July 18 and 19 @ 8:30pm
July 20 @ 5:30pm

Get ready San Francisco!



My latest shenanigans


For the third year in a row, I have written a new one-act for Communal Spaces.

It is a wonderful festival where playwrights are asked to write plays inspired by community gardens in the city.  This year I was assigned to the Miracle Garden.

My piece is promenade meets  garden party meets hostage situation.

Join us in the Lower East Side!

Extinguish Yourself

By Angela Santillo
Directed by Michael Padden

Shyko Amos, Sari Caine, Siri Hellerman, Mat Leonard, Shelby Martin and Meghan O’Neill
Sept. 13-15, Sept. 20-22 & Sept. 27-29
at 12:30pm

Running time

Approx 30 minutes
Miracle Garden
East 3rd Street btw Aves A and B
No reservations required
For more info on all the shows visit Communal Spaces

This Tuesday, at Dixon Place….


by Angela Santillo
co-created/performed by Benjamin Stuber
directed by Randolph Curtis Rand


Forecast: Absolute chaos. To weather the storm, find someone. Or else.

Inspired by the lonely and absurd profiles of OkCupid and the second Law of Thermodynamics.

Tuesday, May 28th at 7:30pm
Dixon Place Lounge
(161A Chrystie Street)

For more info visit the Love in a Heat Death Universe event page

Playwright’s promise:  It is going to be a wild night of theater.

From the rehearsal room

From the rehearsal room

This week at foolsFURY Theater: Faulted (my Los Angeles lovin’ earthquake shakin’ burger eatin’ play)

From "Faulted"

From “Faulted”

I am thrilled that foolsFURY Theater is doing a staged reading of my play Faulted this Thursday, 5/23 at 7:00pm at Z BELOW.

I have a long history with foolsFURY, from previous Company Manager and Producer to current Associate Artist.   My role as an associate thus far has been primarily that of an actor so I’m excited to work with director Ben Yalom and the gang as a playwright this time around.

And it’s the first time I have to skype in for rehearsals. (As they will be in SF and I will be in my NYC apartment.)  Hooray for technology.


About Faulted

Night time San Fernando Valley

Night time San Fernando Valley

First, a definition:

Earthquake weather: The strange natural occurrences/behaviors that occur before a quake.

Faulted is the Los Angeles play I was destined to write one someday.

It’s been a long time since I’ve lived in my native Southern California but I’m still a SoCal girl in more ways than I would like to admit.  To me, Los Angeles was never a glossy palm tree beach place with perfectly tanned people in bikinis.  It was a place of track homes, newly designed shopping malls, nonexistent winters and beaches I only went to at night cause that’s when PCH is amazing.  It was June bugs in the pool, coyotes in the backyard, In and Out with friends, cursing the goddamn 405 and watering lawns at night cause when wasn’t there a drought?  And then there were earthquakes.

I remember the 1994 Northridge quake.  It happened in the wee hours of the morning.  It lasted a long time , you could feel the floor roll and it had that unnerving surround sound rumble peppered with car alarms and the sound of silverware banging against each other. Our no-power house became a convening place for family that had to flee Northridge, as my cousins’ apartment building collapsed (almost on them) and my grandmother’s neighborhood had gas line explosions.

Our house was stuffed full of energized kids, shaken adults and conversations in the kitchen about earthquake weather.  People said there was hardly any traffic on the freeway the night before.  My aunt remembered that the Ralph’s parking lot the night before had no one in it.  (And I’m sure someone recalled their family pet going crazy before it happened.  Animal behavior is often an element of “earthquake weather.”)  There seemed to be a consensus that the night before the quake had been nothing but silence.

Unless you live in earthquake country, you don’t know about earthquake weather.  So I took what I love and know about my hometown, researched the science and folklore of earthquakes and wrote Faulted.  Funny, dark and an experiment in suspense, the play is about the next one to hit Los Angeles.  There’s a Stevie Nicks dressed earth empath, a bad ass villain named San Andreas and other walking, talking, In and Out eating fault lines.

In and Out…this play has a lot of food from In and Out. Goddamn I miss In and Out.

If you are in the Bay Area this week,  check it out!

Faulted: map style

Faulted: map style

How I got to work on CatherineMarie Davalos’ “Oh, the Moon!”

Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 10.13.51 PM

Oh, the Moon!, my collaboration with choreographer CatherineMarie Davalos, opens this week at Saint Mary’s College as part of their annual spring dance concert, Terrain.  The piece is 3-4 dances that include various styles of text, all riffing around the subject of the moon.  While I have written scripts for movement heavy ensembles, I’ve never written for modern dance.  To create text that would act as a score and inspire movement was an experiment not in how to tell a story but how to link words and create drama through a sonic landscape.

So, how did I get this job?

Let me explain.

The moon was full over the Chrysler Building, which I can see from one window in my Queens apartment.  I was on edge of a long day.  You New Yorkers know those days, when you feel like you lived four lifetimes, equally horrible and amazing.  You think, “I am so glad to live here” while at the same time thinking, “This place is hell.”


CatherineMarie Davalos

Cathy and I have history.  She used to be my professor back in the unsure Angela artist days.  Then she became my boss.  Now she is my colleague.   So she sent me an email and in it she asked, “What do you know about the moon?”  She was looking for poetry to inspire her latest moon-based piece.

So at 1am, sitting in my bed, with my hair piled on top of my head, the day still jolting my bones, my eyes falling but still refusing to sleep, I responded.  It was a crazy list of all things moon, bullet pointed and written in a haze.  At the end I told her, “I could make you a pop culture/ myth/science poetry jam thing.” Took about ten minutes to write and I was basically asleep when she responded in glee at my rambling late night brainstorm. (She later told me she was at a dance concert with her dancers and in her joy, her phone with my email was passed along to everyone.  Awesome!)

One thing led to another and before I knew it, I was reading the entire transcript of the Apollo 11 mission to create a sonic landscape for a solo dance, I was writing couplets about Moon Pies and I was workshopping drafts via Skype as Cathy sat in her colorful patio in Oakland.

Moral of the story is…perhaps it is wise to send out spastic late night emails after exhausting NYC days.  They might get you gigs.  Like this one.  So stay up and answer your emails!  Do it!

I hope this piece develops into a full evening of dance but for now, if you are in the Bay Area go and check it out!  Performances are Thursday, Friday, Saturday, May 9–11, 8 p.m.  For more details visit SMC.

And read the transcripts of the Apollo 11 mission.  The space program is goddamn goddamn goddamn cool.  I am serious.  It’s the subject of my next play.  Mark my words.

Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 12.40.58 PM

6 shows in 7 weeks

"BFPB for Your Goddamn Soul"  photo by Britannie Bond

“BFPB for Your Goddamn Soul” photo by Britannie Bond

I have 6 shows performing over the course of 7 weeks.  From one-acts to full-lengths, from readings to full productions, I have a lot of shows going on.  It is a lot of excitement, a lot of wonderful collaborations and so many emails from directors.

So.  Many.  Emails.  From directors.

And skype meetings and frantic text messages and long meetings over coffee.

It is busy, it is amazing.  It all started with the performance of BFPB for Your Goddamn Soul for Play on Words Productions’ 168 Hour Play Fest.  This one-week playfest was the most rock star I have ever felt as a playwright.  Actors, directors and writers were put in teams and challenged to write a short play based on a pun.  The pun I got?


I went full mullet.  I immersed myself in mullet.  I stared at pictures of mullets.  I listened to nothing but Skynyrd, Foghat and Joan Jett.  Then I wrote my play.

I advise all playwrights out there to write about mullets at some point in their career.  Nothing is as freeing and epic as the subject of the mullet.  ‘Tis a worthy endeavor.

The show flat out rocked. Mat Leonard rocked a fine mullet, Thomas Wood rocked a fine suit and Daniella Caggiano was a full throttle director.  Having a bar filled of screaming audience members cheer on my mullet play was a fantastic way to kick off this  7 week playwriting marathon.  May all my upcoming projects rock as hard as this show did.

Photo by Britannie Bond

“BFPB for Your Goddamn Soul” photo by Britannie Bond

Busy: an inadequate word

I am busy.  Just plain old every minute stuffed full of something to do.  From work to theater to work to theater to work to a brief conversation with my mother to sleep.  Limited sleep, not enough sleep, to be sure.

I told a colleague of mine a couple weeks ago that I was going to take care of myself this year and cut back on what I do, and he said, “Let me know how that goes.”

It is not going well in that I am busier than I have been in a long time and in that, things are going really good.  What a sweet wicked paradox.

So, besides working a number of jobs and freelance writing to pay the bills I am:

-Performing in a development workshop for an exciting devised theater piece based on a short story by Virginia Wolf.    More details to come.  For now just know I am rolling around in sweatpants and trying to remember my gesture choreography.

-Performing in two readings on February 25th and 26th respectively.  Kate Pressman’s Watch at Sam French Play Institute and Kim Yaged’s The Vast Mystery of Who You Are at IATI Theater respectively.

-Working with my mentor Rebecca Engle again as my alma mater performs my one-act, Don’t Weep for Me Willow Tree, as part of their one act festival in May.  It is just too sweet for words.

foolsFURY is doing a reading of my play Faulted in May.  Directed by the man, Ben Yalom.  More details to come soon.

-I am stuck in one-person show land.  Rehearsals and writing and epic coffee shop conversations are going down.  More details to surely come on both my piece Unfelt Wonder and my collaboration with Benj Stuber on Love in a Heat Death Universe.


So yes, things are jamming, things are rocking, busy is just the tip of my crazy iceburg.  So what does a girl do to cope?  Replay this in her head, over and over.  Thank you Pixar, my great motivator.