back to the drawing board

After a whirlwind of work the last few months (six produced shows in seven weeks I know I am crazy I know!), I am back to staring at things again, waiting for my next story to start to make sense.

For the last few months, I’ve been obsessed with questions of civic responsibility, revolution, the ability of “the people” to have an impact on the seemingly immovable wall of power and wealth.  I think living in NYC has really impacted my perceptions of power and influence, especially since my assorted employment life that leads me to work for really powerful people in a    w  i  d  e    range of industries.

Right now, I am casting a wide net on the issue.  Everything from media responsibility to Snowden to reading a Tale of Two Cities to buying political graphic novels to watching documentaries about Lincoln…I am in hot pursuit of a fuzzy issue and I am anxious to see it click into place.

It’s funny cause the last couple of shows have been either a) uncomfortably personal or b) about romance.  Not that those are easier subjects to write, but it feels good to get catapulted away from dramas of the personal to dramas of the public.

That is my artistic check-in.  In the meantime, this video seems to add fuel to the mysterious creative fire that is bringing me back to the keyboard.  It also reminds me that my bohemian style and crazy hair will never quite fit in with the sophisticated lines of those trying to stay in line and that is just fine.


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