This week at foolsFURY Theater: Faulted (my Los Angeles lovin’ earthquake shakin’ burger eatin’ play)

From "Faulted"

From “Faulted”

I am thrilled that foolsFURY Theater is doing a staged reading of my play Faulted this Thursday, 5/23 at 7:00pm at Z BELOW.

I have a long history with foolsFURY, from previous Company Manager and Producer to current Associate Artist.   My role as an associate thus far has been primarily that of an actor so I’m excited to work with director Ben Yalom and the gang as a playwright this time around.

And it’s the first time I have to skype in for rehearsals. (As they will be in SF and I will be in my NYC apartment.)  Hooray for technology.


About Faulted

Night time San Fernando Valley

Night time San Fernando Valley

First, a definition:

Earthquake weather: The strange natural occurrences/behaviors that occur before a quake.

Faulted is the Los Angeles play I was destined to write one someday.

It’s been a long time since I’ve lived in my native Southern California but I’m still a SoCal girl in more ways than I would like to admit.  To me, Los Angeles was never a glossy palm tree beach place with perfectly tanned people in bikinis.  It was a place of track homes, newly designed shopping malls, nonexistent winters and beaches I only went to at night cause that’s when PCH is amazing.  It was June bugs in the pool, coyotes in the backyard, In and Out with friends, cursing the goddamn 405 and watering lawns at night cause when wasn’t there a drought?  And then there were earthquakes.

I remember the 1994 Northridge quake.  It happened in the wee hours of the morning.  It lasted a long time , you could feel the floor roll and it had that unnerving surround sound rumble peppered with car alarms and the sound of silverware banging against each other. Our no-power house became a convening place for family that had to flee Northridge, as my cousins’ apartment building collapsed (almost on them) and my grandmother’s neighborhood had gas line explosions.

Our house was stuffed full of energized kids, shaken adults and conversations in the kitchen about earthquake weather.  People said there was hardly any traffic on the freeway the night before.  My aunt remembered that the Ralph’s parking lot the night before had no one in it.  (And I’m sure someone recalled their family pet going crazy before it happened.  Animal behavior is often an element of “earthquake weather.”)  There seemed to be a consensus that the night before the quake had been nothing but silence.

Unless you live in earthquake country, you don’t know about earthquake weather.  So I took what I love and know about my hometown, researched the science and folklore of earthquakes and wrote Faulted.  Funny, dark and an experiment in suspense, the play is about the next one to hit Los Angeles.  There’s a Stevie Nicks dressed earth empath, a bad ass villain named San Andreas and other walking, talking, In and Out eating fault lines.

In and Out…this play has a lot of food from In and Out. Goddamn I miss In and Out.

If you are in the Bay Area this week,  check it out!

Faulted: map style

Faulted: map style


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