Adventures in Solo: Sound Design


When Lillian Meredith and I began to collaborate on the second iteration of my one-woman show, The Unfelt Wonder, I told her, “This cannot be multimedia.  Multimedia is a cop out.  This has to be about performance.”

The play is dark comedy about the life-long experiment of a woman (Wonder) who has been denied physical touch.  With a mutual interest in immersive theater, Lillian decided the entire play should happen within the confines of Wonder’s living laboratory, aka her home.

Given those constraints, I looked at the draft and not only redefined the settings of the monologues but also the means in which Wonder would logically be able to observe them.  One thing lead to another and after some late nights of crazy tea drinking, I have created a multimedia show.

In order to not eat as much crow, I have taken on the challenge to do the audio design and (perhaps) film editing for the show.  If it is going to be multimedia, why not do it myself for our upcoming workshop performance at Dixon Place?  It would still be one performer doing everything thus it is mega solo, right?

I hate eating crow.

Good news is, I heart sound design.


How to Pan This Goddamn Sound Cue


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