Communal Spaces: something you just gotta support

"Don't Weep for Me Willow Tree,"  at Communal Spaces

“Don’t Weep for Me Willow Tree,” at Communal Spaces

For the last two years, I have been written and performed for Lillian Meredith’s Communal Spaces project.  It is a remarkable festival where playwrights must write original plays for communal gardens around New York City.

The first year, I wrote Epic the Butterfly for a garden in Inwood.  It was about a wingless butterfly, there was a caterpillar corpse and the piece had an impromtu performance on a subway due to an unexpected thunderstorm.  Then I wrote Don’t Weep for Me Willow Tree for a garden in Alphabet City this past year.  It was a really cool piece that involved a lot of screaming into jars and actors running around excited kids who happened to walk into the performance.

I am thrilled that for the third year in a row, I will be writing for this fantastic festival.  There is something surreal and so refreshing about creating theater that is customized for our city’s hidden gardens.  From rehearsing in tool sheds to performing among community members that would otherwise never see your plays, it is a theater event rooted in community.

This year, the producers are hoping to raise money to fund production and marketing costs for the festival. 

Take a moment to learn more and perhaps even donate. 




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