6 shows in 7 weeks

"BFPB for Your Goddamn Soul"  photo by Britannie Bond

“BFPB for Your Goddamn Soul” photo by Britannie Bond

I have 6 shows performing over the course of 7 weeks.  From one-acts to full-lengths, from readings to full productions, I have a lot of shows going on.  It is a lot of excitement, a lot of wonderful collaborations and so many emails from directors.

So.  Many.  Emails.  From directors.

And skype meetings and frantic text messages and long meetings over coffee.

It is busy, it is amazing.  It all started with the performance of BFPB for Your Goddamn Soul for Play on Words Productions’ 168 Hour Play Fest.  This one-week playfest was the most rock star I have ever felt as a playwright.  Actors, directors and writers were put in teams and challenged to write a short play based on a pun.  The pun I got?


I went full mullet.  I immersed myself in mullet.  I stared at pictures of mullets.  I listened to nothing but Skynyrd, Foghat and Joan Jett.  Then I wrote my play.

I advise all playwrights out there to write about mullets at some point in their career.  Nothing is as freeing and epic as the subject of the mullet.  ‘Tis a worthy endeavor.

The show flat out rocked. Mat Leonard rocked a fine mullet, Thomas Wood rocked a fine suit and Daniella Caggiano was a full throttle director.  Having a bar filled of screaming audience members cheer on my mullet play was a fantastic way to kick off this  7 week playwriting marathon.  May all my upcoming projects rock as hard as this show did.

Photo by Britannie Bond

“BFPB for Your Goddamn Soul” photo by Britannie Bond


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