Busy: an inadequate word

I am busy.  Just plain old every minute stuffed full of something to do.  From work to theater to work to theater to work to a brief conversation with my mother to sleep.  Limited sleep, not enough sleep, to be sure.

I told a colleague of mine a couple weeks ago that I was going to take care of myself this year and cut back on what I do, and he said, “Let me know how that goes.”

It is not going well in that I am busier than I have been in a long time and in that, things are going really good.  What a sweet wicked paradox.

So, besides working a number of jobs and freelance writing to pay the bills I am:

-Performing in a development workshop for an exciting devised theater piece based on a short story by Virginia Wolf.    More details to come.  For now just know I am rolling around in sweatpants and trying to remember my gesture choreography.

-Performing in two readings on February 25th and 26th respectively.  Kate Pressman’s Watch at Sam French Play Institute and Kim Yaged’s The Vast Mystery of Who You Are at IATI Theater respectively.

-Working with my mentor Rebecca Engle again as my alma mater performs my one-act, Don’t Weep for Me Willow Tree, as part of their one act festival in May.  It is just too sweet for words.

foolsFURY is doing a reading of my play Faulted in May.  Directed by the man, Ben Yalom.  More details to come soon.

-I am stuck in one-person show land.  Rehearsals and writing and epic coffee shop conversations are going down.  More details to surely come on both my piece Unfelt Wonder and my collaboration with Benj Stuber on Love in a Heat Death Universe.


So yes, things are jamming, things are rocking, busy is just the tip of my crazy iceburg.  So what does a girl do to cope?  Replay this in her head, over and over.  Thank you Pixar, my great motivator.





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